How can a sweetshop benefit from social media?

20. 9. 2017.

We asked our guest blogger, Zsuzsanna Patai, who is the social media manager of a sweetshop in Bristol, to tell us how to use social media to increase the traffic of a candy store.

How can a sweetshop benefit from social media?The goal of social media (in the case of sweetshops, too) is to create an online community for two-way communication, strengthen customer loyalty and increase the number of customers. First let’s take a look at which tools might help us achieve these goals.

Visual content is essential

It is helpful to attach visual content to each social media post, often in the form of a picture, video or even an animation. In a sweetshop, party bags and wedding favours are made with carefully selected sweets to present the shop’s wide range of services. Another example of effective marketing is to make a short ‘behind-the-scenes’ video to help make the business more personable and educate its customers on the process behind the service. Thirty seconds is just enough to show the dedicated work to the customer, from the preparations and packaging, right through to the delivery. It’s a great way to raise attention for the services that a sweet shop can offer.chocolate

Links are also important

When it comes to advertising a product on social media it is advisable to link the product to the shop and to the website, in order to increase the odds of realising the product’s full sales potential while reaching a wider audience. Attaching pictures to each post would help to draw more attention to the product. For instance, if a chocolate delivery arrives at the shop, the products that will make the cut for a social media post will be the ones with the most attractive packaging.

It’s the era of videos and animations

Have you ever thought about making sweets alive by creating a short stopmotion animation? Perhaps you could animate Gummy Bears, Jelly Penguins or Sour Dinosours. Scenes could be very simple, for instance, jelly penguins walking into the shop door in single file, inviting customers into the shop as they do so. Animations could be created around different events, too: shop’s opening times, Halloween, Christmas, and so on. In the advertisement, offer gift vouchers or smaller prizes to the customers. The motto: less is more. Each video needs to be no longer than thirty seconds long; it is time enough to catch the attention of and inform the customer.

Social media is a great tool to increase sweetshop’s popularity and reach and to create a community as a foundation for two-faced communication between business and client.

Written by guest blogger Zsuzsanna Patai.