Content writing

Content writing - Writing texts for sites is important for both B2B and B2C companies. Regular writing of unique and quality texts helps companies bring their services/products closer to readers and thus gain potential customers and increase revenue. Finely crafted SEO texts generate organic traffic, improve search engine results, and encourage visitors to engage and communicate.

Copywriting - This strategy involves writing texts for a site with a precise and clear goal - sales. The content that is created for the target audience should include the characteristics and advantages of the product/service, i.e., to communicate the value to the potential customer. Content is created with two main goals: to offer a solution to a potential buyer and to encourage him to take action. In addition to the two main goals, SEO copywriting also helps the site rank well on Google.

Content translation

Presence in the digital world has brought a whole new dimension of business to many companies. The Internet is available to everyone, which means that new markets and new opportunities for business expansion are opening up.

Website translation is a service that makes it easier to reach potential customers from other language areas. Multilingual sites allow products/services to be brought closer to your target audience.

We translate websites in all combinations for the following languages: Serbian, Hungarian, English and German.

Writing product descriptions, news or blog articles in multiple languages will make your offer visible to a much larger market and thus open up business development opportunities.

Graphic design

Whether you are just starting a business or have been around for a long time, visual identity is very important in order to leave a strong impression on the target market. It all starts with the design of the logo, which should be the stylistic basis for further identity creation. Business card, catalog and flyer design complement your offline branding.

When it comes to graphic design in the digital world, banner design is most often done for websites. Immediately upon arrival on the site, the best current offer is presented to the visitor in an attractive way. Also, the design of infographics is a powerful way to further explain to the visitor the benefits of your offer. Designing graphic elements for sites is not the only way to attract the attention of potential customers. These elements can also be placed on social networks.

Google advertising

If you want to know something, Google it. Google has everything. Google knows everything.

We are simply used to living with the help of Google search engines.

Since a large number of people search for what interests them through Google, there is hardly a better place to advertise products or services.

Google Ads is an online advertising platform. With this platform, you can create ads that are displayed to those people who are interested in your products and services at the moment when they show that interest.

Advertising on Google serves to promote business, encourage the sale of products or services, raise brand awareness or increase website traffic.

Google ads allow you to create and edit ads at any time, including ad text, settings, and budget. In addition, ad performance can be easily measured.

Facebook advertising

We all know about Facebook, but do you know how to make the most of Facebook advertising?

People are used to scrolling through Facebook, and with almost 3 billion active users, advertising on this social network is a powerful way to improve your business. Of course, not all of them are potential customers, but Facebook is incredibly useful in targeting the right people precisely. Facebook knows a lot about its users, which is of great help to advertisers. The ability to precisely target specific groups of people allows information about products/services to reach the right people.

By clicking on the ad, users can be redirected to your website or store, you can invite them to sign up for the newsletter and turn them into long-term customers through e-mail marketing.

By using one platform, you can do advertising on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Website development

The Internet is a place where smaller companies can stand side by side with better known, older and larger companies from the same industry. Creating a website for a company is a great way to present all the qualities and benefits of products or services.

The creation of sites for small businesses is becoming increasingly popular, which helps them expand into new markets, and develop their business. If the company operates (or wants to expand its business) in different markets and has partners or customers around the world, the creation of multilingual sites can facilitate the presentation of the company and its offer.

Due to the way of life in recent years, people are more and more likely to buy from the comfort of their home. Therefore, there is a need to create web stores that are an easy and safe way to shop. Creating an online store is not only convenient for customers, but also for sellers. Its functioning does not require sales space, nor hiring retailers in the store.